Read this if you think what we are doing is copyright infringement

On this page, we will explain how we practice "fair use".

Generally, fair use is a legal doctrine that says you can reuse copyright-protected material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the copyright owner.

Prepare for some long reading.

Singaporean Version

Fair use is permitted use of a work to make a fair use of the work.

Source:  Copyright Act 2021

Factors in determining “fair dealing” include:

  1. the purpose and character of the use, including whether the use is of a commercial nature or is for non-profit educational purposes;
  2.  the nature of the work or performance;
  3. the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the whole work or performance; and
  4. the effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the work or performance.

In other cases, fair dealings for the purposes of criticism, review or reporting current events would not constitute copyright infringement. In most of such cases, a sufficient acknowledgment of the work is required.

Malaysian Version

Fair dealing for purposes of research, private study, criticism, review or the reporting of news or current events, provided that it is accompanied by an acknowledgment of the title of the work and its authorship, except that no acknowledgment is required in connection with the reporting of news or current events by means of a sound recording, film or broadcast.


Social Media Babes are a common thing in this current society.

It is also a known fact that many social media users uploads photos to their public accounts to get exposure.

We are merely using the vastly available content from social media for sharing and review.

Malaysian Version

Reproduction and distribution of copies of any artistic work permanently situated in a place where it can be viewed by the public.


The contents posted by us are from social media accounts that are public. We do not steal or hack to obtain the contents from the Social Media Babes.

However, we only can confirm the contents are public when we found them. There is a possibility that some contents were made private after we found it.

Obviously, we would not keep track of their privacy status.

Malaysian Version

Performance, showing or playing of a work by a non-profitmaking club or institution where such performance, showing or playing is for a charitable or educational purpose and is in a place where no admission fee is charged in respect of such performance, showing or playing.


We do not require our visitors to pay any fees to view the contents.

All of our posts are open to the public.

We only ask for sponsorship, advertisement, or donations.

American Version

Whether the use may cause any harm to potential markets that could be exploited by the copyright owner if the use were to become widespread. If the use harms the copyright owner’s current or potential market then it will weigh against fair use. Along with the first factor, this factor is one of the most important in the fair use analysis.


Technically, what we are doing will benefit the original owners because our website will give them extra exposure and followers. This means it is highly beneficial for them in the long run.

Besides that, we are a non-profit website.

We do not sell any of the contents from the Social Media Babes. Thus, we are not their competitor.

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